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Extenze is a natural formula designed to increase the size of your penis in length and girth. The pills, improve erections, sexual desire and orgasms.

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What Is Extenze?


With Extenze pills, you can forget about risky, expensive surgeries and embarrassing doctor visits.




Extenze is produced by Leading Edge Herbals, Inc. that guarantees the quality and results of its products and is responsible for them.


What Are Extenze Pill Ingredients?


Extenze Pills contain 25 natural ingredients within a unique and powerful formula that help improve men’s overall sex health. The key herbs and extracts are:



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  1. Yohimbe that cures erectile dysfunctions;
  2. L-arginine that is an amino acid dilating blood vessels, improving the flow of blood to your genitalia and increasing erections;
  3. Gamma-Butyrolactone that improves sexual functions.


Extenze improves sexual function



How to Use Extenze Pills


You need to take one pill per day. The bottle contains 30 pills that are a one-month supply. You can notice the first enhancement results in 2 or 3 weeks, but you should continue taking the pills for at least 8 weeks to gain the highest effect.


How to Purchase Extenze Pills


It is recommended to purchase the pills through the official website – BuyExtenze though they are available anywhere on the Internet. The company offers a 60-day risk-free trial. If you don’t like the results, you can return a bottle within 60 days after you have bought it and receive your money back. It is worse, not trying!  


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I'm taking Extenze for a month. And I must say that this stuff really works!


I only notice tha gain in girth. Hope that after full course I gain also in length


With Extenze I've experienced multiply orgasms, what I've never had before!


It improved my sexual life, me and my girlfriend are very happy


I must say that Extenze work better than medication prescribed be my physician. It increased my self-esteem.

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